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40 Jahre RS – 4 Tage Faszination, Erlebnis und gute Stimmung. Feiern Sie mit.

Merken Sie sich jetzt den 13. bis 16. September 2012 vor und melden Sie sich an.

Die Jubiläumsveranstaltung findet im Raum Stuttgart statt.

Programm (deutsch) Carrera RS World Meeting 2012: Download-PDF

Program (english) Carrera RS World Meeting 2012: Download-PDF


On the occasion of the 40th birthday of the legendary Porsche Carrera RS 2.7,which was presented in autumn 1972, the Porsche Club Carrera RS is hosting a World Meeting in 2012. The 4-day World Meeting will take place from September 13th till 16th, 2012 .
The program is as follows:

Thursday, September 13th

Starting at noon, arrival and registration of the participants at the PORSCHE-Museum in Stuttgart. Welcome and visit of the museum.

In the evening drive to Hotel Sinsheim. Get Together with Walter Roehrl at the bar.

Friday, September 14th

Guided drive to Castle Langenburg per roadbook. Presentation of the cars at the reserved parking area in front of the automobile museum. Visit of the museum and joint lunch. Walter Roehrl will be with us and comment on his special exhibition at the museum.

Subsequently start for an enjoyable drive through the scenic “Hohenlohe” countryside and valley of the Jagst river, guided by roadbook towards the renowned “Auto- und Technik Museum” in Sinsheim.

Parking of the cars at a restricted parking area in front of the museum.Exclusive evening in the museum and dinner on site.

Saturday, September 15th (no visitor)

Individual drive to the BOSCH proving grounds at Boxberg.

Different tasks are to be fulfilled during the day:

- Tournament of driving skills at different tracks of the proving ground
- Driving through the banked highspeed oval
- Lunch catering on site
- etc.

Drive back to Sinsheim. Exclusive dinner event with winner’s ceremony, special guests and life music from the seventies at the Technik-Museum.

Sunday, September 16th

Individual drive to the Palace of Ludwigsburg.

Lineup of the cars inside the courtyard for the “Concours d‘Elegance” (click the video!)

- Champagne reception with subsequent brunch
- Judging of the cars by "People's coice method" and contemporary Porsche employees that helped to develop the Carrera RS 2.7
-Winner’s ceremony and farewell of the participants,after approx. 3 p.m.

General Remarks:

The perfect base for the event will be the Auto- und Technik Museum Sinsheim that provides numerous additional highlights.

The adjacent 4-star „Hotel Sinsheim“ is offering a variety of beautiful rooms. They can be booked individually at a special rate for our participants using the password “Carrera RS”. Secure overnight parking will be provided.

The “Concours d’Elegance” is not meant to be one in the classical sense – where utmost cleanliness is required. We don’t want our participants to spend Saturday evening to clean their cars! We want to line up the cars beautifully in the courtyard of the castle to create a perfect atmosphere for the joint voting for the best cars in two categories:
1. Best mostly unrestored car with original patina
2. Best fully restored original car

For the voting we want to involve each participant with 1 vote and the Porsche specialists with 2 votes each. Overall we want to make the meeting an easy going social event, where international Carrera RS owners get a chance to meet each other and where the competition is of less importance.